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Studio Recording & Audio Engineering Services

Core Zero Studio is a full-service audio recording studio in Hebron, Maine providing audio recording, editing, mixing, mastering, music production, and composition services for songs, audiobooks, and spoken word. 

From solo artists to full bands, from songwriting and production services to composing for Film, TV, and Ads, we can walk you through the entire process of planning, executing, and publishing a radio-ready recording. We consult on copyright, royalties, streaming platforms, publishing, and media duplication. 

We provide Podcast Production and YouTube Services including recording, editing, mixing and mastering, creating intros and outros for podcasts, YouTube channels, and audiobooks.

We have daytime, evening, and weekend time slots to work around your schedule. We have artists that record 10 songs over 10 weeks, and others who knock out 10 songs in a single day. It’s all good! Call us at 207-212-5100 about your next audio project. 


Recording Services

Tracking and editing of recorded music, audiobook narration, and spoken word. Bring your song, instruments, or band. Play it all, or have us help with that. 

Mixing Services

Mixing is creating a finished, ready-to-publish song or audio work from the individual recorded tracks by optimizing, balancing, and blending to achieve the desired sound.

Music Production

A Producer can help to bring your song to life by overseeing the performance, assisting with writing lyrics and music, instrument selection, sound design, and effects.


Our songwriters can compose music for your song, video, commercial, or film for both standard and orchestral instruments, voice, synthesizers, pads, and provide creative sound design.

Audiobook Production

A perfect facility for the recording, editing, and mastering of your spoken word or audiobook project to prepare it for approval by Audible and other popular audiobook platforms. 

Session Musicians

Need help with your songs? We’ve got you covered. Our studio session musicians are available to add any instruments to your songs, as well as main vocals and harmonies.

Recently Published Songs


Breathe Again • Emma Madeleine

16-year-old Emma was delightful to work with in producing this original song of hers. It has a powerful message. All of the instrumentation and arrangement was provided by Core Zero Studio, with Joe Rawls on Drums, Bass, and Guitars, and Eric Bryant on everything else, including creative sound design and orchestration. 

About The Room & Gear

Located in rural Hebron, Maine USA, Core Zero Studio is a tuned 24×24 room with a vaulted ceiling, 2 Isolation Booths, a Pearl GLX Drum Kit, a gaggle of Keyboards, an Electric Guitar Workstation with Amps, and most importantly: the most comfortable red leather couch in all of New England.

We use Apple Mac Mini’s and iMacs with both Intel and M1 chips, a Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt 3 interface, a Focusrite 18i20 3rd Gen interface, an Audient ASP-800 preamp, a few microphones, and software… oh, the software… In addition to Studio One Pro, Cubase Pro, and ProTools, we’ve got Native Instruments Komplete 13, a slew of VST synths, Waves Mercury, Abbey Road, SSL, Slate Everything Bundle, all the iZotope Advanced goodies, Mainstage, and so much more.

In addition to the comfortable, nonjudgmental atmosphere here, supporting the creativity of this space are close to 1,000 Virtual Instruments and Audio Plugins. And with those VST’s, thousands upon thousands of patches to peruse. Samples? We’ve got “a few”… say, a half-million and counting. Just saying, it’s a super-creative space.

The studio is available for session work, songwriting sessions, recording and mixing with an engineer, or for rental by the hour or day without an engineer. Owner and Recording & Mix Engineer Eric Bryant began playing in church at age 11 and later attended Full Sail University. He went on to engineer at The Dallas Sound Lab, and now resides in Maine where he still plays, sings, records, mixes, and composes audio for Libraries, TV, Film, Audiobooks, and Podcasts.

Ring us up today at 207-212-5100 to discuss your next audio project.

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