Core Zero Studio is available for recording sessions and remote or local session keyboards and synthesizer work. Located in Hebron, Maine USA, the studio is equipped with Pro Tools 11, Ableton Live 9, Logic X, and a humble but effective collection of mics, audio plugins, processing tools, and outboard equipment.

Chief Engineer & Keyboardist Eric Bryant began his music career 40 years ago and attended Full Sail University for Recording Engineering & Live Sound. He went on to engineer at The Dallas Sound Lab and now resides in Maine where he still plays, records, and composes.

Core Zero Studio can accomodate anything from a single song demo to an EP or even karaoke. If you've got a full band we can serve you nearby in a beautiful, spacious studio with more mics, vintage analog outboard gear, and instruments.

Please call us at 207-212-5100 to see what we can do for you. If you're on a Christian worship team or operating a music ministry ask us about free recording sessions in the Core Zero Studio Network. If you're an engineer or session musician ask about getting listed in the Core Zero Studio Network for free.

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